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    General Information

    Since the tenth “Five-year” period, each S&T index of our university has been improved greatly, and as a result, the S&T competitiveness and social influence have been significantly enhanced. The university has undertaken 219 national-level projects with the total funds of 1.06 billion Y uan. It has won three National awards for Scientific and Technological Progress and 45 provincial and ministerial awards. Also, 12,608 relative theses have been published, 1,508 of which were included in the three international indexes. There have been 609 cases of patent application, and 311 of them have been authorized. One group has gained the title of the Innovative Research Groups of NSFC, and another group has gained the title of the Innovative Research Team of MOE. One state key-laboratory, two key laboratories, one engineering research center of MOE, eight engineering research centers of Shaanxi Province have also been allowed to be established at XAUAT. In addition, Shaanxi Techno-institute of circular economy was established at XAUAT.

    At present, the university has one state technical research and promotion center, one state key-laboratory, three state A-Class designing institutes, four key laboratories and engineering research centers of MOE, one sports culture research base for the General Administration of Sport of China, five Shaanxi provincial key-laboratories, 13 Shaanxi engineering research centers and one Shaanxi university key research base of philosophy social science. These institutes and bases have rendered an important support to the university's scientific research, its personnel training, and the local economic and social development.

    Dept. of Science and Technology

    Tel: 0086-29-82202330

    E-mail: kjczhb@xauat.edu.cn