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    General Information

    State Labs/Centers

    Provincial Labs/Centers

    University Labs/Centers

    University-Enterprises Joint Labs/Centers

    University-Enterprises Joint Labs/Centers

    • Research and Promotion Center for Architecture Steel Structure of XAUAT-Laiwu Steel
    • VAV Laboratory of XAUAT-Johnson Controls
    • Research and Promotion Center for Clean Production of XAUAT-Long Steel
    • MCU Chip Laboratory of Sonix
    • Engineering and Technology Research Center of SHENGWEI
    • Engineering and Technology Research Center of YAOBO SHUINI
    • R&D Center of XAUAT-HGER
    • R&D Center of XAUAT-QINXIANG
    • R&D Center for Metallurgical Auxiliary Materials of XAUAT-ZHENDE
    • R&D Center for Metallurgical Equipment of XAUAT-QINXIANG
    • Technology Center of Beijing XINAO
    • R&D Center of XAUAT-DEYUAN Mining
    • Research Center for Metallurgical solid waste Resources
    • R&D Center for Metallurgical Technology of XAUAT-TONGGUANZHONGJIN
    • Research Center for Magnesium Alloy Material of XAUAT-HUIHAO
    • Research Center for Metallurgy of XAUAT-YI Steel
    • Research Center for Comprehensive Utilization of Slag
    • R&D Center for Metallurgical Auxiliary Materials of XAUAT-XINDA
    • R&D Center of XAUAT-ZHTD
    • FUHUANG Steel Structure Research Institute of XAUAT
    • R&D Center for Civil Engineering Technology of MEIHANG
    • R&D Center for Mineral Engineering of XAUAT-SHANPU