A+RISE Testimonials:

"A+RISE Strategies not only provided support for English Language Learners, but provided a great resource for Response to Intervention (RtI) and differentiating instruction. This tool is easy to use and helps bridge the gap between KNOWING and DOING!"

Ann Sandoval
Area Superintendent - Spring ISD, Texas


Lamar Consolidated Independent School District, Texas
"Since we implemented A+RISE Standards2Strategy®, we have seen an increase in our TAKS scores for our ELLs as well as a decrease in our PBMAS. We're also seeing that our students have a higher graduation rate. We are able to hit those key areas with our ELLs just by giving them access to the A+RISE strategies in the classroom. They are more successful and that success is spreading out to their social and emotional success in addition to their academic success."

Courtney Hill
Lamar CISD Professional Development Coordinator


Houston Independent School District, Texas
"The compilation of A+RISE strategies is unique for both students and campus leaders. This simple idea is well worth the small investment. Although educators may be accustomed to having a few of instructional strategies in their grasp, A+RISE has placed them all in one set of cards. A+RISE utilizes a system that complements vocabulary development, comprehension, writing and assessment strategies based on higher order thinking! Finally, the A+RISE Standards2Strategy® offers computer access to the alignment of the same instructional strategies to the state standards. This component is a very powerful complement to any second language learner program."

Gloria Hudson
Houston ISD Professional Development Coordinator


Fowler Elementary School District, Arizona
"Our teachers just took to the A+RISE strategies. They were clear and easy-to-implement in classrooms, and the impact on students' comprehension and engagement was immediate. And many of the coaching teams really took ownership of the strategies and integrated them throughout the school. They became a daily routine, which is really why A+RISE has been so positive for our kids."

"The investment of time and focus in A+RISE really paid off for Fowler in the performance of its ELL students on the 2008 AZELLA English proficiency test. The improvement in just one year was dramatic and systemic: in 2008, 120 more K-5 students reclassified as proficient than 2007; and a remarkable 75% of 6-8 graders advanced at least one proficiency level, up from only 36% in 2007."

Cynthia Bradley
Fowler Elementary School District, Bilingual Coordinator


Stanislaus County Office of Education, California
"My colleagues and I at SCOE have long been supporting teachers through training and coaching of classroom-tested, research-based instructional strategies. In all the years I have been involved with professional development, I have been aware of the gap between theory and practice - even when classroom demonstrations and lesson design were a part of the support. A+RISE has filled that gap for the teachers with whom I work. The collection of strategies A+RISE has compiled is impressive; each suggestion is representative of the 9 strategies outlined in Dr. Marzano's Classroom Instruction That Works and pushes student production straight up Dr. Bloom's learning taxonomy. But the clincher? That is, without a doubt, the S2S software that turns powerful pedagogy into targeted teaching. Brilliant!"

Alane Vaughn
Director, Secondary Education

Clark County School District, NV
"Great strategies at your fingertips — all teachers should have this."


San Ramon Valley Unified School District, CA
"The A+RISE strategies have empowered and enabled me to present curriculum in ways that are meaningful and practical for ELLs."


Clover Park School District, WA
"I have many, many more strategies to use for all students, not only ELLs."


Putnam City School District, OK
"A+RISE provides different and exciting ways to engage the learning to help ELL students to be successful."


Lamar CISD, TX
"We had already implemented sheltered instruction in the district. Our teachers knew what they were supposed to do but they were missing a key part and that was how to do it and even extending that, how to do it right now. A+RISE Standards2Strategy® provided the how.."